8th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems

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Barcelona, Spain
September 10-12th, 2008

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Travel information

Public transport near campus

The conference venue is well connected and can be easily reached by subway and bus. To see detailed information, follow the links below:

Bus lines: 7, 33, 54, 60, 67, 68, 74, 75, 113
Subway (Metro): L3
Map of public transport around UPC campus

Arrival from Barcelona Airport

The most convenient way to go from the airport to the city center is by taxi. A taxi from the airport should take less than half an hour and cost about 30 euros.

There is a public bus service, the Aerobus, that leaves the airport approximately every 7-15 minutes, depending on the hour. The bus stops in the 3 airport terminals and then, after 25 min. it arrives to Plaša Espanya (the first stop in town). The ticket costs 3.90 euros and can only be purchased on the bus.

Another bus line (46) runs from the Airport to Plaša Espanya every half an hour, and a single ticket costs 1.30 euros.

There is also a train service every half an hour from the airport to RENFE Barcelona Sants railway station.

Either at Plaša Espanya or at Barcelona Sants railway station you have to change for the Metro green line (L3) to the lattest station Zona Universitaria.

Please, visit the Airport official webpage for more detailed information.